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Breaststroke and things you should know

Breaststroke and things you need to know!

Among the 04 swimming techniques, breaststroke is used the most. Maybe because breaststroke is quite easy for beginners to swim, but mainly because of the benefits that breaststroke brings to swimmers. To give you a better look at this swim style, we will help you through the following article.

1. Do you know what breaststroke is?

Perhaps when we hear the name, we can easily imagine this swimming style. So what is breaststroke?

Breaststroke along with freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke is one of the four basic swimming styles of swimming. This is a slow swimming style and is loved by many people because they are quite easy to perform and can rest comfortably while swimming. And as the name suggests, when performing this style of swimming, we will simulate the style and posture of the frog when moving underwater.

How to do breaststroke
How to do breaststroke

2. What is the benefit of breaststroke?

Probably knowing what frog swimming is, people will be interested in the benefits of this swim. So what is the benefit of breaststroke for all of us?

  • Good for joints and movement: breaststroke and other swimming styles all require movement of the whole body, especially the skeletal system. Therefore, when swimming regularly, the skeletal system is activated and becomes more flexible and certain. In addition, the breaststroke movement also stretches the bones and is very good for height development. If children learn to swim from a young age, they will have optimal height gain as they grow up, so it is seen as an effective method of height gain. This is probably the first effect that everyone knows when asked what are the benefits of breaststroke.
  • Enhance the health of the cardiovascular system, circulation: The whole body movement will help the blood vessels to circulate better, improve the heart rate and the health of the whole cardiovascular system in general.
  • Weight loss: This benefit of swimming cannot be overlooked. For those who want to lose weight and remove excess fat, breaststroke is a sport to consider and perform.
  • Improve and tone the body: Swimming is a full-body exercise, so it will help tone all the muscles in the body and help us have a more balanced, toned body.
  • Good for pregnant women: What are the benefits of breaststroke for pregnant women? The characteristic of breaststroke is that it does not take much strength, it does not have to turn around, so this is the best swimming style for pregnant women. This swimming style not only helps pregnant women improve their health but also helps the delivery process be easier.

3. What you should keep in mind while performing breaststroke?

Breaststroke is a basic and simple swimming style, but we often make some basic mistakes when performing. Therefore, when practicing this sport, we need to pay attention to the following things:

  • Warm-up before swimming: Here’s a basic breaststroke note that we all need to remember. Breaststroke is a sport and if we do not warm up well before doing it can cause the body to not adapt in time. That will negatively affect the body as well as cause us to experience unnecessary injuries.
  • Pay attention to swimming techniques: Foot pedal technique, hand fan technique when performing breaststroke is very important. If done correctly, they will save you energy as well as avoid leg fatigue, shoulder pain, neck …. If you are new to breaststroke, ask your trainer these things and try to get it right.
  • Breathe properly: Another note when performing breaststroke is also very much reminded is the breathing in breaststroke. You need to be aware of this because if you do not breathe properly, it will be very tiring and not bring good health effects. The most basic and correct breathing is through your nose as you dive, and breathing through your mouth when your head is raised.
  • Do not lift your head when breaststroke: Actually when doing the breaststroke, the head will be lifted naturally by the shoulder. However, many new swimmers will actively lift their heads, not shoulders. Doing this for a long time will cause neck and back pain, and for a long time, it will be harmful to your health.

Through the knowledge we synthesized above, hopefully, you have grasped the basics of breaststroke as well as some caution when performing it. This is a very healthy sport and you can do it every day to stay healthy and prolong your life.


What is the caution when performing breaststroke?


Fate peach blossom with fox earrings

Fox – The symbol of love

Fox is a mascot that is both real and present in legends. According to the legends, fox has the ability to cultivate, the three flowers gather at the top to absorb the quintessence of the sun, heaven and earth. Fox who cultivates for 500 years has the ability to turn into a human, and if cultivating for another 500 years, it will become a fairy. The fox when transformed into a human has a very beautiful shape, is intelligent and has a strange charm. Therefore, according to feng shui, it is said that foxglove has a peach blossom nature.

Fox - The symbol of love
Fox – The symbol of love

The fox image is used as a symbol of beauty, wisdom and power. Especially for women, using fox jewelry will bring good luck in the way of love, intelligence in communication and life behavior.

Wear fox earrings to increase your fate of peach blossom

The image of fox is very popular among women. The earrings with the image of fox when combined with gems make the earrings more sparkling and luxurious. The fox’s tail is fitted with CZ stones, adding to the elegance of the earrings. In addition to beautifying fox earrings, they also bring many effects to bring luck in life, especially in love. If you are still lonely, fox earrings will help you meet your “destiny”, but if you already have “people by your side”, fox earrings will help you to always endure. Attachment.

Wear fox earrings to increase your fate of peach blossom
Wear fox earrings to increase your fate of peach blossom

Individual girls will definitely love this earrings. The design is quite simple with a funny and mischievous image of fox that makes any girl attractive. Earrings are made of silver 925 plated with platinum with sparkling white CZ stones, giving the wearer a luxurious beauty, attractive to the eyes of the opposite.

Inspired by the mischievous fox, this earring gives the wearer a dynamic and personality. The bright white of 925 silver combined with round CZ stones makes the earrings more sparkling and attractive than ever. The earrings have easy-to-use bud design. This jewelry pattern is suitable for the tastes of young people, especially teenagers.

Inspired by the mischievous fox, this earring gives the wearer a dynamic and personality. The bright white of 925 silver combined with round CZ stones makes the earrings more sparkling and attractive than ever. The earrings have easy-to-use bud design. This jewelry pattern is suitable for the tastes of young people, especially teenagers.

Fox earrings are not only beautiful but also give the wearer a peach blossom fortune. If you have not found your “lover”, hurry up and get yourself a “baby” with this lovely fox earring.

Exhausted by swimming

Why do you feel tired after swimming? Here’s the truth

Surely this is a question many people are wondering, right? And usually, professional swimmers feel that way. Amateurs swimmers or beginners do not often feel exhausted like that. What is the reason?

Because swimming required the coordination of all muscle group

Swimming uses all of the major muscle groups and therefore is a demanding exercise that can tire the body. The breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle engage the abdominals, biceps and triceps, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Other primary muscles used in swimming include the anterior and posterior deltoids, pectorals and trapezius. 

When you swim, every stroke engages your shoulders, biceps, triceps, upper back, and chest. Your arms are responsible for reaching forward during the upstroke phase of each stroke, and for pulling you forward by pushing through the water on the downstroke phase of each stroke.

This pushing-and-pulling motion engages the arms and chest while the rotation of the arms either forward, as in the breaststroke, or backward, as in the backstroke, engages the shoulders and upper back for a toned upper body. After you finish your swim, you can further tone your underarm area with water-based arm exercises. Side and front arm raise, with your arms submerged in the water, can help you tone your triceps.

The constant use of limbs and muscles to bring people forward, plus the resistance of the water, so after you finish a workout, you’ll often get tired. The reason is that you use a lot of energy during swimming.

Because you swim the wrong technique

When you do the swimming techniques in the wrong way, you will be more effortless than usual and get tired quickly. Some techniques are often mistakenly performed among amateur swimmers or beginners.

Struggle to find relaxation while swimming

This is the most important factor for you to complete for your swimming technique.
Because the body is always in a state of muscle and joint tension that makes the movement always heavy, the body is out of balance, you always have to find a way to keep the body in place, the more you try, the more wrong you are.

While swimming, you need to relax the whole body in its most natural state, knowing when to apply force and not.

Performing the wrong force

Instead of gently pulling your legs, kicking hard, and closing quickly, you’re doing the opposite. That is why the force you emit is very strong but ineffective. That way, you take a lot of effort and have to do it many times and still can’t move far.
Attention should be paid to accurately perform the pedal movement to achieve optimal force and buoyancy for the body because the speed of swimming depends mainly on the movement of the foot pedal.

The basic things to notice about the pedal movement are:
– Shrink legs, bend legs slowly, kick hard and close legs fast
– When retracted, pull the leg back so that the leg is close to the buttock; The right knee extends to the sides. Do not bend knees on the abdomen, hips flexed too much
– The force coming from the thighs kicks the heel to the sides. When you step on, you need to hold your ankle firmly so that you can accurately step on the heel.

Use the excessive force on the shoulder when fanning

In hand fan technique, instead of using the force of the hand fan out, you use the force from the shoulder to pull out, but the force of the water from the hand doesn’t have any force at all. So you waste your energy on this move.
In hand movements, you should use the force from the hands to fan the water to the sides, fan slowly, certainly not too fast to be able to support the easiest rise and breath.

Because you can’t breathe right

When you do not take enough air, your body is deprived of oxygen. Therefore, the performance of a movement sometimes takes hold to be able to complete a cycle of movements. That makes your muscles and joints lack oxygen to function, leading to muscle fatigue; you will be exhausted very quickly and very tired.

Whether you can swim far, swim a lot or not is based on regular breathing. With air, you can maintain muscle strength and endurance.

Because of the water temperature

Water temperature affects how you feel after swimming. Cold water can cause muscle strain due to a decrease in blood flow, and also the body must work harder to stay warm. Warm pools tend to increase the body temperature, which may lead to fatigue. Ideal water temperatures for swimming are about 25 to 27 Celsius degree. 

If you’ve finished your swimming session and feel exhausted and really tired, you can check 01 of those above reasons to see if you are doing anything wrong. And you can add some nutritious meal or some other activities. We give you some suggestion below:

  • To avoid this exhausting feeling, you can try and eat something before the swimming sessions and refill with more protein rather than carbs after because carbs increase the food coma effect.
  • You can try leaving the first cup of coffee until after the swimming session since the workout will probably stimulate the body enough anyway. Then, you can drink your well-earned coffee but pay attention to consume it in portions rather than taking a huge amount once. 
  • You can do an easy 15-20 minute jog or cycle after swimming to stimulate blood circulation and heat up the body.

So, whatever the reason is, body fatigue after practicing is inevitable. You can only be more careful with technique so you don’t burn out or the worst-case scenario is the possibility of fainting while swimming, which can lead to drowning. And remember to take healthy nutritional supplements for energy after you finishing your swimming session.


Can You Get Tired After Swimming? Things You Haven’t Discover Yet!

Some studies show that wearing silver rings can reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

The reason should wear silver jewelry

When silver encounters some toxic substance it will turn black or another color. So you can use silver rings, silver pendants, silver bracelets, silver chains or other silver things to check if there is any poison.

Silver has been widely used as household goods since ancient times. So at least it is not harmful to our health. Let’s explore the health benefits of wearing silver jewelry.

The reason should wear silver jewelry
The reason should wear silver jewelry

1. Silver jewelry has strong antibiotic properties and antiseptic effect. It helps to fight some bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Silver jewelry
Silver jewelry

2. Silver jewelry can balance other elements in the body, so it is very important for our health.

Silver jewelry can balance other elements in the body,
Silver jewelry can balance other elements in the body,

3. Silver jewelry helps blood vessels elastic, very important for bone formation and healing, skin formation and repair.

Silver jewelry helps blood vessels elastic
Silver jewelry helps blood vessels elastic

4. Some studies show that wearing silver rings can reduce the symptoms of arthritis.Some studies show that wearing silver rings can reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Some studies show that wearing silver rings can reduce the symptoms of arthritis.
Some studies show that wearing silver rings can reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

Some of the health benefits of silver are controversial, but they are actually widely used in medical devices. Therefore, silver has an undeniable health benefit to some extent. Cherish the jewelry or silverware you have.

The legendary blue color of a pearl in TRAICC08 jewelry represents the vastness of the sea


Inspired by Minimalism minimalist style, highlighting the inherently luxurious natural beauty of pearls, Huy Thanh launches a collection of premium pearls “The Heart of Akoya” with different colors. fall in love with the elegant ladies.


An indispensable point of Akoya – the pride of the country of the rising sun, is the color. In addition to popular natural colors such as white or cream, pearls are raised by a special technique called Overtone to create unique colors such as rose wine, green or blue. phone.

1.Very cream colored pearls

Cream-colored pearls are the favorite color for women because of their versatility, easy to mix-match with many different outfits. The purity of the cream-colored pearl radiates in gold-gold jewelry designed to bring out a modern and luxurious beauty. Just light makeup combined with everyday outfits, women have a very attractive image when going out.

If you do not want to use a lot of jewelry, just a pair of gentle cream-colored pearl earrings is enough to make your face more bright and radiant than in the workplace.

Very cream colored pearls
Very cream colored pearls

It will be a perfect, luxurious image for important meetings or events when ladies wear pearl jewelry.

2. Black pearl

The name black pearl is not really because they are black in color. In essence it is the combination of the background colors and shades of color. The pearls themselves are blue or dark green and are covered with gold and pink luster. People often associate them with the name black pearl because of the mystery in color and the representation of power and position.

The mysterious black pearl TRAICC05 represents power and status
The mysterious black pearl TRAICC05 represents power and status

Modern and elegant jewelry with necklaces and earrings on white gold material with round black pearls exudes a noble aura. Cleverly combined with suits, blazers or light-colored dresses will help ladies add elegance, show their bravery and personality.

3. The legendary blue pearl

Possessing the legendary blue color representing the vastness of the sea, the pearls become more impressive when combined with white gold material. If the colors of the other pearls bring mystery (black), pristine (white – cream), the blue pearl brings a sense of peace and calm that anyone wants. be owned by yourself.

The legendary blue color of a pearl in TRAICC08 jewelry represents the vastness of the sea
The legendary blue color of a pearl in TRAICC08 jewelry represents the vastness of the sea

Can breaststroke help slimmer your legs?

Swimming is considered a very good exercise sport for the health of women, especially helping your muscles to be more toned, helping your body become thinner, burning excess body fat. Swimming is the type of movement from head to toe, in addition to having the best natural massage performance, can promote blood circulation of the whole body blood circulation system, increase replacement, increase fat loss, promote the development of muscles of limbs, abdomen, thighs, back … strengthen internal organs function, enhance the body’s resistance.

When you are swimming, the water provides the resistance your muscles have to fight against as they kick and stroke to propel your body across the pool. In fact, water is more resistant than air and land, so your muscles have to work harder to move you through water than they do to move you through the air or across the land. Doing each stroke properly not only lengthens and stretches the muscles used, but the repeated movement to stay moving through the water helps you develop muscle endurance as well. The result is more toned muscles throughout your body.

If you want to fix some parts of your body, swimming!

Targeted weight loss is impossible, alas, and hormones, genetics and stress all play a role in how fat accumulates in certain areas, but what you can do is add lean muscle mass in problem areas, ensuring that when you do lose those last stubborn pounds your body will be healthy and toned. And swimming is actually one of the best sports both for overall health (because it provides simultaneous cardio, strength, and flexibility benefits) and for toning (because it’s a full-body workout that addresses your arms, legs, and core, regardless of which stroke you use). Certain strokes do emphasize different muscle groups, so if you want to focus on specific problem areas you can add targeted workouts:


All swim strokes engage your shoulders, biceps, and triceps. If you want to do extra arm work, add some pull drills using a pull buoy and paddles.


Swimming gives your glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and ankles a workout. Breaststroke, in particular, tones the inner thigh. For additional leg (and ab) toning, try incorporating a kickboard into your workout.


All strokes tone your upper back and chest, and the core work will also help trim your waistline. The twisting motion of the freestyle and backstroke tones the abdominals and lower back, while the breaststroke and butterfly tone the chest and back.

Which stroke helps tone the legs the most?

Within 04 strokes, breaststroke is the one that helps tone your legs the most. Breaststroke is one of the traditional swimming styles, simulated by the swimming movements of the frog while underwater. Breaststroke is a pretty easy swim, for beginners to practice. Swimming frog not only helps swimmers have skills to protect themselves safely in the water but also helps support weight loss, especially tapering the legs, thighs, calves, toning muscles, preventing sagging.

Benefits of breaststroke to health

Movements in breaststroke technique mainly on the back foot and arm forward. Therefore, it will have an unexpected effect on the spine and developing skeletal system to improve the height as desired.

Every day swimmers should swim the breaststroke for a period of 30-60 minutes, and at least 3 times per week to help the body reduce the risk of stroke, diabetes, or heart …

Breaststroke is a type of swimming that regularly operates a combination of spending in all parts of the body, greatly reducing the risk of injury, especially for limbs, joints and muscles, thanks to the support of water.

In addition, not only has certain effects on the body, helping you have a healthy body, people with rough legs can seek the help of this type of swimming.
Breaststroke not only does not make the legs big but also helps your legs slimmer due to the thrust and frequency of underwater walking.

In conclusion, swimming is not only beneficial in achieving a healthy body. It also helps us to repair the parts of the body we don’t like. What are you waiting for without jumping into the water to do a few laps?

Source: Will Swimming Make Legs Slimmer? Click To Find Out!


The most beautiful retro Jordan 5 shoe of all time

Air Jordan 5 is the 5th generation of Jordan sneaker “flyers”, this generation of sneakers designed by famous Jordan shoe designer Tinker Hatfield. A feature of the AJ5 born in 1989 is the design inspired by the famous Mustang fighter. The huge 3M reflective tongue on the shoe body, the side air mesh and the transparent rubber outsole are all outstanding designs of the AJ5.

Air Jordan 5 x Trophy Room Ice Blue shoes

In 2019, Jordan’s son Marcus – who also runs the shoe store Trophy Room – debuted with one of the most beautiful Air Jordan 5 collabs we’ve seen in a while. The shoe is available in a red suede version for friends and family although the pair reached retailers with “Ice Blue”.


Light blue suede material makes this a standout shoe instantly when you put it on your feet. As for the midsole, it is white while shark teeth are red. Overall, it’s a nice design that looks great in anyone’s collection.

However, you should also keep in mind that collab versions between the Trophy Room and Jordan have never been cheap. With this Ice Blue color scheme, the price is about more than 1,000 USD, in addition, the University Red color scheme has reached 5,000 USD, becoming one of the most expensive color schemes in the JD5 series.

Air Jordan 5 Doernbecher shoes

What makes this shoe so great is the incredible story behind it. For the uninitiated, every year Nike associates with Doernbecher Hospital to produce a collection of patient sneakers. This Air Jordan 5 became famous for the way it paid homage to the late poet Isaac Arzate.


The shoe has his date of birth printed and while the upper part is covered with words from a poem he wrote just before his death. His baseball and basketball jersey numbers are placed on the side in his honor. Not to mention, these shoes glow in the dark and give off a beautiful blue hue. Overall, there is a sense behind these shoes and they will forever be a classic in the history of Doernbecher collaborations.


5 Exquisite Sexy Beautiful Female Necklaces For Every Girl

The necklace is the embodiment of the delicate, gentle but equally seductive beauty of the girl. Whether it is a slender design or a choker, this is also an indispensable accessory when women go down the street. Especially the fashion style that can be constantly changed will surely help girls stand out more than ever. Let’s take a look at the beautiful female necklaces that are indispensable in the women’s accessories collection.

Small face medium size female necklace

A mid-size female necklace, also known as a matinee necklace, has a thin fiber design of about 50cm long, a small pendant. Can be combined with Street style outfits or stylish short suit, or patterned outfits, in addition to creating a balance with other large accessories.

Especially wearing sexy two-wire dress designs will help you to be attractive, luxurious but not too ostentatious when combined with simple necklaces.blank

Mid-size female necklace with big face, beautiful personality

The chain has a thin thread, the big face can be a shell, this is a beautiful female necklace for your girlfriend when going to the beach. The harmonious combination of a lovely necklace with croptop or crochet swimwear will definitely help you style. Bring bold bohemian looks with floral print dresses, woolen coats, leather handbags when worn with round pendant.blank

Slim wire choker necklace

This is the shortest type of necklace, about 35-40cm in length. Since a long time ago in the jewelry market, the choker necklace has brought a new wind to the fashionistas. Unique, sophisticated to simple designs always catch the eye of women’s aesthetics. Each style will bring a different color with the design of luxurious beauty, gentle femininity or strong personality designs.blank

Long sleek female necklace

With the free and liberal style of nomadic fashion, the long necklaces are the perfect choice for summer outfits. In addition to sexy and seductive V-shaped dresses or skirts, those with closed collars when combined with the same necklace style will also help you become more attractive.blank

Consider the style and circumstances before choosing a necklace to highlight the outfit to help you stand out more.

Outdoor swimming pool 2

Basic Rules Of Swimming To Be Safety This Summer You Must Know

In hot weather, people will surely rush to swim. There is nothing better than being immersed in cool water. However, drowning can happen to anyone, whether you know how to swim or being an excellent swimmer, including adults and even children. So, you must understand the rules of swimming in order to avoid all possible bad situations.

First, you must know 5 Basic Rules of swimming:

1. Water Comfort:

  • Being comfortable in the water
  • Spending time in a shallow pool or wadding in the ocean

2. Breath control:

  • Water entering the nose and mouth when you’re a novice swimmer
  • Exercise such as drawing a breath, submerging, blowing bubbles and then resurface for another breath
  • Specific breathing techniques for different stroke

3. Floating:

  • Keeping your body horizontal position in the water 
  • Not a difficult skill, since human are naturally buoyant
  • Require a few techniques

4. Kicking:

  • Provides propulsion through the water
  • Also used in treading water, which is the process of remaining in one place while keeping your head above the water line
  • Kickboard, flat flotation devices made of foam or plastic that support the swimmer’s body
  • Allow you to focus solely on your kicking technique without worrying about staying afloat

5. Stroke:

  • The arm movements used to pull the body through the water
  • Front Crawl (Freestyle), Backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly: each stroke use different body positioning, breathing techniques and arm movements
  • Best learned when training with a qualified coach

Different techniques of 04 stroke

Butterfly stroke

The swimmer must remain on the breast at all times with synchronized arm and leg movements. Arms must recover clear of the water and enter the water together In front of the swimmer. Legs must remain together throughout the stroke and only vertical motion is permitted. Any separation of the legs or horizontal movement is considered illegal and thus subjects the swimmer to disqualification.

At the start of a race, swimmers dive in and are permitted as many fly legs kick as they want, subject to the head breaking the surface of the pool before the 15m point. At the turns and at the end of the race, swimmers must touch the pool wall or timing pad with both hands simultaneously.


Here arms and legs follow a circular motion and must remain synchronous at all times. Swimmers must remain on the breast at all times and must stay flat in the water. If the body twists slightly, this will throw the legs off of a horizontal plane, resulting in what is termed a screw kick, resulting in a disqualification. At turns and the finish, a touch must be made with both hands, at the same time.


Swimmers must remain on their back at all times, except for when performing a turn. Here the swimmer may turn to their breast and initiate a turn immediately, leaving the wall on their back. Any time spent on the breast heading towards the wall is not allowed and if spotted by the turn judge will result in disqualification.

As with butterfly stroke, swimmers must break the surface of the water before the 15m mark. At the finish, it is normal for the swimmers to duck under the water to gain an advantage. This is acceptable, providing a part of the body is above the water at the time of touching the wall.


This stroke is generally considered the fastest stroke, although for some stronger swimmers, butterfly stroke may be quicker. Freestyle is pretty much anything goes and there is nothing to prevent swimmers from performing backstroke or butterfly during a freestyle race, as long as the whole race uses the same stroke. Swimmers must touch the wall at the turns and the finish, with the most common rule infringements being not touching the wall, or coming up in the wrong lane from the turn.

One additional event for the swimmer is the individual medley event. Here four strokes have swum in order, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Each stroke will be swum for 25% of the race with the freestyle stroke being anything that hasn’t already been swum. At the end of each stroke, it is important to perform the finish for that stroke, so for instance at the end of the butterfly stroke, a two-handed touch must be made before starting the backstroke. A common error is to perform a tumble turn between strokes, thus not satisfying the finish for the stroke, resulting in a disqualification.

Each stroke requires different techniques, the best for your safety is to master at least 1 of 04 strokes to avoid a bad situation that could happen. If there is something bad happen, you can use that stroke you swim best to stay survive.

Hope you will have a joyful summertime and be safe!


What are the basic rules for swimming?


Gucci Rhyton Glitter leather sneaker


The lanyard is flat, homogeneous and blends into the whole. You can wear shoes according to the manufacturer’s lacing, or remove and customize according to your own preferences and creativity. It should be noted that the color of the belt is ivory white, not grayish white or bright white, as prominent as the Gucci Ace pair.

The small details make the expensive value of the Gucci “child”

No residual glue, no sewing thread, no small spots that affect the beauty and quality of the Gucci Rhyton pair. Many buyers were surprised by the comfort and the weight is much lighter than imagined. The outside is real leather, the inside is also high-grade textile, the lining is made of leather with the unmistakable logo, making it easier to wear shoes for a long time, without feeling like the “old dad’s shoes” are still seen.


As the first pair to be released, you may wonder why a product from a big name like Gucci is crafted “unprofessionally”. From the body to the sole of the shoe, on both the wire and the reed there are quite light stains, creating dust for this “big brother”. This is quite similar to the Balenciaga 3S, every stain is not a manufacturing defect, but a special property that marks the process of formation and use when it reaches the owner, which is special because there are no pairs what shoes are like?


How to keep your leather wallet new

A good leather wallet is a very affordable investment in a wardrobe. However, like any leather item, knowing how to preserve it will keep your wallet looking new for many years.

First, the most important thing to know about skin cleansing: Do not use detergents that contain ammonia or bleach. They can damage the surface. Also do not “wash” for water because the dye can be washed.

Before cleaning the leather wallet, make sure to empty the wallet compartments, shake the wallet upside down to remove dust and debris. Pull off the liner and clean with a dust roller. If the lining is seamlessly sewn and cannot be pulled out, use a fabric cleaning brush to remove dust. If you cannot pull out the wallet liner, vacuum by using the cloth brush accessory.


Next, to clean the skin’s surface, mix a solution of warm water and dish soap, dip a soft cloth in it, wring it out and wipe the outer surfaces of the wallet. Use another clean, damp cloth to wipe off the soap. Dry the wallet with a clean towel. A mixture of warm, soapy water will also remove water stains and scratches.

For more stubborn stains, here are some things to try:

– Nail polish remover or specialized cleaning alcohol: Although not known by many people, this is the most effective way to remove ink stains and scratches. Dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover or rub in alcohol to fade the stain. Rub gently until the stain is gone. Wipe with a clean damp cloth and dry with a towel.

Baking soda or cornstarch: To remove oil or grease stains, sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on the stain, gently rub with a damp cloth. Leave on for a few hours or overnight. Baking soda or cornstarch will absorb grease. Finally wipe with a clean cloth.blank

– Lemon juice and fresh yeast: mix the mixture in 1 to 1 ratio, used for stains that are stained from other items. Apply the mixture and let it sit for about 30 minutes, then use a damp cloth to remove the mixture. Note: Lemon juice and yeast have a mild bleaching effect, so it should only be used with light-skinned purses.

– After cleaning your wallet, apply a special cream to prevent the skin from drying or cracking and form a layer to protect your wallet from future stains. You can buy a conditioner yourself or make your own with a 1 part vinegar-2 part flaxseed oil recipe. Apply the mixture on the skin surface and let it sit for about 15 minutes, then wipe with a soft cloth until the skin lightens up.


Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 – smart automatic lacing shoes

The launch of the Nike Hyper Adapt 1.0 Sneaker marked the beginning of future technology into the human-loving gadgets and the Hyper Adapt 1.0 shoe is considered the first step towards perfection. mankind with sensor design and automatically tightens shoelaces with push buttons.


Discover the appeal of Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

Talking about the birth history of this shoe, its father – Tinker Hatfield developed the idea and reality it has been a long way since Back to the Future II came out. After nearly 30 years, the Nike Hyper Adapt 1.0 sneaker was born in an unbelievable surprise when the shoe contained the most modern technology.


With a pair of genuine Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 purchased, there will be two chargers in the box: 1 quick charger and 1 AC charger. Both can attach themselves to the sole with a magnet. The available battery capacity displays in green – yellow then red representing full – medium and low battery levels. A full charge will use an average of about 2 weeks. However, you can be flexible with how often you use your shoes.

Table of conversion of shoe sizes and how to choose sizes of Nike and adidas

bảng-quy-đổi-size-giày-và-cách-chọn-size-của-nike-và-adidas (1)
bảng-quy-đổi-size-giày-và-cách-chọn-size-của-nike-và-adidas (1)

If you are a fan of shoes, the collection of shoes from famous shoe brands in the world such as Nike, Adidas, Vans, Converse, Banlenciaga, … must always be a desire and goal to achieve. Or simply if you are a sports enthusiast, owning a quality sports shoes becomes more important than ever, typically mentioning the two cult brands Nike and Adidas.

nike-vs-adidas-0 (1)
nike-vs-adidas-0 (1)

Each shoe company has its own standards, to choose the right size from the two brands above, you need to learn carefully how to choose the shoe size as well as the Nike and Adidas size conversion table.

How to choose shoe size at home

Step 1: Measure the length from the heels to the thumbs as shown below, to be precise, you can put your foot on a piece of paper and draw 2 lines and then take the measure of the distance 2 lines.


Step 2: Use the formula: Size (the CM part in the size table) = the foot length just measured (it is not necessary to measure the width, please wear a size larger than 1 size if you feel the width of the leg is uncomfortable).

Step 3: Compare the results with the size table of the shoe manufacturers, each row of shoes will have a different standard size.

Nike Shoe Size Table


Note: This is the standard table for changing Nike shoe sizes for all Nike product lines such as Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force, Nike Air Jordan, Nike Pegasus, Nike React, …

Adidas Shoe Size Table

Some notes to get the standard shoe size:

It is best to measure your shoe size at the end of the day as your feet are completely relaxed at this point

You should measure both feet, if there is an error between your feet then choose shoes that are the same size as your larger feet.

If your feet are thin and the width is small, narrow and thin, choose the shoe size according to the instructions above.

If your feet are fat, thick and wide, choose the size according to the instructions above plus 1 size. Example: you are female: the length of the legs measured is size 36, but the legs are wide, fat and round, then choose size 37.

Understanding customers’ concerns and questions when choosing Nike and Adidas shoe sizes, mailaze always has an enthusiastic sales team to help customers choose the most suitable shoe. Like and follow fanpage to be able to choose the right pair of sneaker (new & secondhand).

Mini bag belts are extremely popular among girls

Top 3 female belts when mixing today’s clothes

Women’s belts are very familiar fashion accessories, creating an accent with outfits and being able to respect their slim body, so they are always present in the girls’ disciples. Let’s take a look at 5 female belts that are most popular with women today.

Large female belts help slim waist

This is the ideal female belt to help girls have a toned waist and stand out. This belt pattern is still a familiar accessory, creating a unique highlight and breaking the way for your outfit. The girls can combine this belt with a shirt, a business vest or simple dresses.

Personality in a large belt
Personality in a large belt

You can choose a large belt with elasticity and color contrast with the skirt, shirt. Placing the waist on the waist a bit will help your girlfriend’s waistline stand out and make the simple shirt more interesting, making the simple dress more attractive …

Small female belts for more beautiful dresses

This small version of belts is often mixed with girls with dresses, skirts or shorts to look more prominent. In addition, this small female waistband is also used by office girls for their casual pants or jeans to create accents for the hips, and at the same time, office clothes are no longer boring.

Small feminine belt with skirt styles
Small feminine belt with skirt styles

Because it is often combined with different types of dresses, the size is quite small with a width of only about 0.5-1cm, so you can choose belts with sparkling jewelry, iridescent or broken belts. ways like chains, chains, … to stand out. In addition, belts with eye-catching colors, contrasting with dress colors are also a good choice.

Women’s belts combined with mini bag

This fashion item may not be unfamiliar to fashion-loving girls and is becoming a popular trend in the past few years. The combination of lovely small bags and belts both gives her a dynamic, new fashion style and is convenient in storing and carrying personal items.

Mini bag belts are extremely popular among girls
Mini bag belts are extremely popular among girls

This “2 in 1” accessory also makes the girls enthusiastically hunted for the variety of styles, colors and materials. You can freely choose for yourself a female belt that suits your style, from gentle to dynamic, personality.

Above are the 3 models of women’s belts that are the most favorite fashionista to mix with costumes that will help you become more attractive and beautiful in all cases.

If you still want to have more options, please visit the website This is the website for retailing high-end women’s leather goods, Mailaze women’s leather handbags. With Italian-style designs and genuine leather, Mailaze is committed to bringing you the best quality belts and bags.

A mini jean with a white cross-neck collar and a white cross-neck collar with the shirt will be a youthful set suitable for shopping streets.

Mini skirt legs, how should you choose leather bags?

Mini skirt is a sexy dress showing off long sexy legs and charming curves of the girls. The accompanying leather handbags are an important accessory to help women feel more confident, and also enhance the femininity for young girls while walking on the street on weekends. Each dress style, each material of the set has its own variation with different handbag patterns. Let’s take a look at the fashionable leather bags in combination with the following mini skirt sets:

Cowhide mini skirt with stylish black leather hand-held handbag

Cowhide mini skirt with stylish black leather hand-held handbag
Cowhide mini skirt with stylish black leather hand-held handbag

The cowhide mini skirt set with a white T-shirt over there is a dark yellow leather shirt, the same length as the skirt. This outfit can be made for office or street wear or meeting friends. With cowhide yellow color as the main color, it will help you to have white skin and a tall and skinny figure walking confidently on the street, making everyone look.

The hand-held leather bag is a cross-wearable bag, a long strap, which can both be portable and can be cross-worn. The bag has many colors to choose from, but with this set, you must choose the black bag, suede will be the best match.

A mini jean with a white cross-neck collar and a white cross-neck collar with the shirt will be a youthful set suitable for shopping streets.

A mini jean with a white cross-neck collar and a white cross-neck collar with the shirt will be a youthful set suitable for shopping streets.
A mini jean with a white cross-neck collar and a white cross-neck collar with the shirt will be a youthful set suitable for shopping streets.

If the jean skirt with the design is too strong, the white turtleneck shirt on the skirt is a feminine white cross-skin bag, which makes the whole set more feminine.

The white bags seem to have a strange charm, it exudes feminine tenderness. The set on the picture is perfect for matching outfits that reflect the modern fashion sense that young people are pursuing.

To find fashion bags in combination with the brand name sets you own, go to the fashion handbag store Which specializes in providing quality leather bag products, sold at the right price, and there is a warranty card for the product to make customers feel secure to buy.




Ultra Boost has entered the 6th generation – version 20. And it is undeniable that, through the versions, this sneaker model is even more complete in design, style and brings great experiences to people. use.

If you are a fashionista looking for the ultimate running shoe, then the Adidas Ultra Boost 20 will be the perfect product you are looking for. Join TuloShop to find out all information about this “masterpiece sports shoe” in the article below.


Ultra Boost 20: The perfect combination of Adidas and the International Space Station

Rarely does a pair of running shoes have a unique combination like the Ultra Boost 20. The Big Adidas sent the product to the ISS National Laboratory for testing. The purpose of this is to examine the microgravity of Boost technology and find more potential of this sneaker model.

A drastic improvement of the Adidas Ultra Boost 20 sneaker

As mentioned above, Ultra Boost 20 is the latest version and has a strong improvement thanks to the investment in technology in every detail of the shoe. Specifically:

The ability to return energy is almost absolute

Boost technology is famous for its ability to refund energy, helping users feel less tired when jogging, moving, walking a lot, … during the day.

  • If with conventional sneaker models, users can not feel any support, then with Ultra Boost is different. You will feel a thrusting force in the soles of your feet, supporting the movement, thereby saving more energy.
  • Almost every version of Ultra Boost can do this, but by version 20 it is “upgraded” more than anything. The more force applied to the shoe, the more energy will be returned. It’s so awesome right?

That means, you will not feel tired when using this sneaker line to move.


Primeknit fabric is breathable, providing maximum comfort

Primeknit fabric is used by the Big Brother Adidas for most of his “brainchildren”. Its advantage is to provide ventilation, helping users to feel comfortable.

Undeniably, one of the biggest downsides when using sneakers is the mystery. Especially on a hot summer day, using shoes for a few hours will feel slimy, wet feet, even cause unpleasant odors. Make users lose confidence when standing in a crowded place, communicating with others.

However, the difference in Ultra Boost 20 compared to many previous products of Adidas is the application of TP – Tailored Fiber Location technology. The precisely knit fabrics come from millimeters, which not only guarantees airy ventilation, but also provides an optimal fit. Gently cuddles the soles of the feet, but doesn’t cause cramping or discomfort.



The heel adds extra cushioning – Great support in changing directions

One of the impressive changes in the Adidas Ultra Boost 20 can not be ignored is the padding and heel lining. They serve as maximum support when changing direction.

  • The 3D heel frame helps to hold your feet when touching the ground. Users will feel the stability of the product when using it.
  • The continental rubber coating is also enhanced with stretchweb technology, not only increasing the seamlessness and texture of the shoe but also increasing stability. Besides, the pairing of each component on the shoe is inspired by the spacecraft assembly process.
  • The appearance of Ultra Boost 20 has also changed. The most obvious is on the sneaker’s rooster, where there is a piece of badges acknowledging Adidas’s partnership with the US National Laboratory

As can be seen, most of the changes of Ultra Boost 20 are geared towards the user experience. Feel for yourself by buying this item on your shoe locker right away and always.

Buy Ultra Boost 20 at an extremely affordable price

mailaze sneakers will be the perfect solution you are looking for. We are a unit specializing in providing sneaker models “remake”, with outstanding quality, almost like the genuine version up to 95% – 98% but the resale price is extremely affordable.


The full white version of the Adidas Alphabounce White Full Shoes has caught the hearts of many adidas sneakers who love the simple colors but no less subtle and fresh. This Full White Alphabounce version is sure to bring you unmistakable quality, outstanding and extremely subtle. Full White Adidas Alphabounce shoes can be combined with jogger pants, khaki, and slippery T-shirts, and wearing a shirt is perfect.

Adidas is increasingly creating a buzz when it continues to add a new color scheme to the Adidas Alphabounce family – It is the Adidas Alphabounce Full White Full color scheme that is receiving a lot of positive feedback from users. The Full White version exudes elegance and sophistication, suitable for young people who love shoe fashion and like a simple yet luxurious style. Alphabounce White Full color this year has attracted a lot of attention from sneaker enthusiasts and deserves to be called the best selling sneaker today. The Full White Adidas Alphabounce Instinct is easy to mix with sports pants, jeans, khaki pants, shoort pants for training, street or traveling as well as going out.

-adidas-alphabounce-tra (1)
-adidas-alphabounce-tra (1)

The Adidas Alphabounce Full White still exudes its distinction thanks to the upper body and an improved sole system. The upper part is simpler, less patchy, with rippled details appearing covering the shoe body. Another point that cannot be ignored is that the shoelace system is also focused on changing. This change contributes to increased reliability with the mechanism of fastening the rope through the hook placed in the mudguard position. And you will be satisfied with the comfort and smoothness of your legs even if you wear it for a long time. White Adidas Alphabounce Full Full shoes have caught the hearts of many adidas sneakers who love the simple colors but no less subtle and fresh. This Full White Alphabounce version is sure to bring you unmistakable quality, outstanding and extremely subtle. Full White Adidas Alphabounce shoes can be combined with jogger pants, khaki, and slippery T-shirts, and wearing a shirt is perfect.

n-adidas-alphabounce-t (1)
n-adidas-alphabounce-t (1)

You are young and want to catch up with the trend faster, the Adidas Alphabounce White Full shoe is the perfect choice. This product is already on the shelves at mailaze Sports Shoes to help you keep up with the trend without worrying about product quality or details. Not only with good quality products, reasonable prices but also the service attitude of the staff here is also very positive, professional, enthusiastic.mailaze will help you choose the right shoes at an affordable price.

The shimmer of metal is concentrated to bring out a trend in gorgeous women's handbags


Women’s handbag fashion changes very quickly over time. The bags with elaborate and outstanding straps have been crowned. Please wear standard bags to stand out.

It is said that a woman’s value lies in the handbag she wears

Therefore, for a long time, the famous designers have always tried to come up with countless new and trendy handbag styles. Full of different large and small sizes. With a variety of textures and fabrics. And recently, the redesigners are aiming for mobility and the commercialization of familiar handbags. Thanks to the sophisticated handle of the bag, it is raised to new heights.

Charles and Keith bag with metal strap stands out
Charles and Keith bag with metal strap stands out

The shimmer of metal is concentrated to bring out a trend in gorgeous women’s handbags

In addition to clothing is reflective metal. Has appeared dense on the catwalk for so long. Famous designers such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, … have made the most of their collection. In addition, the design of the chain as above is also quite stable. In seasonal fashion trends that are rarely out of date. The 2016 fall-winter fashion handbag trend appears jingle straps on a wide range of bags. Start with money chains at Dolce & Gabbana or at Versace and Marni. Chain handle bags with this metal wire. It looks quite the opposite of winter snow and ice. But still created such a magical and successful effect.

The shimmer of metal is concentrated to bring out a trend in gorgeous women's handbags
The shimmer of metal is concentrated to bring out a trend in gorgeous women’s handbags

With a variety of handles, with embroidery details, masterly processed motifs

The wearer can freely choose to match the inspiration. As well as individual fashion personality. For the familiar rectangular bag. Designers only need to change a very small detail. That velvet lid and jewelry is enough for it to become a new trend. Following Fendi’s advice: “Box-shaped bags or baguettes from the top of the handle are like ripples. The shoulder strap freely shines. We observed a scarf tied to the handle of a snow white Louis Vuitton bag. Creativity knotted bags at Celine in different shades. Create lovely contrasts and some soft bristles at Alexander McQueen and Calvin Klein Collection ”

Tinashop with a full range of updates on new handbag trends, diverse styles, suitable for budget
Mailaze with a full range of updates on new handbag trends, diverse styles, suitable for budget
Tinashop with a full range of updates on new handbag trends, diverse styles, suitable for budget-bag
Mailaze with a full range of updates on new handbag trends, diverse styles, suitable for budget

But do not think this is the game of luxury fashion names or flashy brands

Present at Mailaze, the names are familiar with Vietnamese fashion followers. As Zara or Charles and Keith have also caught the trend of the handbag trend. With a convenient strap, easy to adjust in all operations. Again cleverly not too cumbersome. Now, you have every reason to replace yourself with a stylized strap bag. Confidently pick up the collection by stylish and impressive straps.


Top 5 Things You Should Do While Under Quarantine

We have to stay at home because of the impact of Coronavirus and social distancing. To get out of the boredom at home, don’t hesitate to check out the top 5 things you should do while under quarantine below.

Top 5 Things You Should Do While Under Quarantine
Things You Should Do While Under Quarantine

Create a pop art card

If the tutorial on YouTube can’t help you make amazing hallmark greeting cards, a DIY card kit of CutpopUp can.

This is a package comprising materials of a lovely popup card template, an envelope, a small plastic bag, a paper note. It has detailed instructions for you to make your card, too.

We believe that your handmade pop-up greeting card will absolutely warm the receiver’s heart in this difficult period.

Sign up for a language course

Taking this chance to learn a new language with an online course is not a bad idea at all. It is not only cheaper but also more convenient for you.

Join an online group or club

Do you have a specific hobby? Why don’t you take part in an online group or club to have more friends who have the same interests as you?

Renovate your house

Does your old house need to be upgraded? Now it time to do it. You can start with wallpapers and old electrical appliances.


You should care about your mind, too. Some meditation lessons can bring inner peace and calm your soul.


Meaningful presents for GF on Valentine’s Day

Do you treasure her presence and everything she has done for you? If yes, Valentine’s day is the best time for you to let her know your deep love. To express all your thoughts and feeling, you can consider one of these meaningful presents for girlfriend on Valentine’s Day below.

Meaningful presents for GF on Valentine’s Day
Meaningful presents for her

Air Balloon of Love Pop Up Card

We will start with a gift option of a Love card. We highly recommend you to give her an Air Balloon of Love Pop Up Card.

This incredible 3d pop out card describes a journey of an adorable couple on a hot air balloon. They are on their way to a new and more bright future with the energy of love.

Every part of the popup card picture is really exquisite and intricate. That is why it undoubtedly an ideal gift for your sweetheart in this season of Love.

Jewelry with Signature

Do you want a present that can impress her? A piece of jewelry with your own signature will absolutely deserve your choice.


Since February’s weather remains dry, some products like moisturizer or hydrating toner can be a great choice for your Valentine’s Day present for her.

Chocolate Truffles

It’s time for you to spoil your honey with a lovely box of Chocolate Truffles. Remember to choose multi flavors that adapt to her preference.

Love Puzzle

Another special gift for her on this occasion is a puzzle with a selected picture of you two. After all, she is the missing piece of your life, right?


Top things to give your man this Valentine’s Day 

The coming of spring means that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you are looking for some special things to give your man this Valentine’s Day, these options below can be helpful for your decision.

Top things to give your man this Valentine’s Day 
things to give your man this Valentine’s Day 

Pop love cards

Since love cannot be expressed in words, you can use a love pop greeting card to do it for you. It is a meaningful way to say ”I love you” to the love of your life.

Besides, these lovely hallmark greeting cards are also designed with many emblems of love such as cupid, red heart…  All you have to do is selecting a pop pop card you want and write in all your thoughts.

Imagine how happy he will feel after receiving a special love popup gift from you on the Day of love.

Dress shoes

A man also needs dress shoes to go to work. You should choose a proper pair that are matched with his formal outfits.

Shaver Trimmer

Men are always practical than women. Therefore, your sweetheart will be content if you give him a new shaver trimmer this holiday.

Whiskey bottles

Men love strong drinks, too. That is why a bottle of whiskey will make your Valentine’s night sweeter and more romantic.

Cappuccino Maker

If your boyfriend likes the sweet taste of Cappuccino, giving a coffee maker is not a bad idea at all. He can use it to make himself a nice morning coffee.


5 inspiring Mother’s Day activities

Mother’s Day is a specific occasion dedicated to honoring mother and all she has done for us. Don’t get nervous if you have no idea what you’re going to do for your mom that day. Here are the 5 inspiring Mother’s Day activities for you.

5 inspiring Mother’s Day activities
Mother’s Day activities

Give a special pop-up card

Let start with this recommendation of a popup greeting card. Gifting your mother a 3d pop out card is not a bad idea at all.

Once she receives your pop up gift, she will be amazed by the paper masterpiece jumping out of the card. These pop-up card templates are also formed carefully by experienced artisans. That is why you don’t have to worry about the 3d cards’ qualities.

You can pick one among various kinds of hallmark greeting cards for your mom. It will be one of the best presents for her on this Day of Mother.

Plan Her Day with a Day Trip

Mom has stayed at home for too long to take care of the family. It’s time to let her discover the beautiful world outside the door with the ones she loves.

Provide Spa Therapy

There is nothing more relaxing for your mother than Spa Therapy. You can make your home a mini spa or book a treatment at some professional spa for her.

Cook together

Your mother always makes you full every time she is in the kitchen, right? Now is the time for you to learn some new recipes from her.

Practice Yoga with mom

Yoga is also great. It can help raise your health and mood. You can practice it with your mom or with the entire family.


5 Awesome Women’s Day Presents for Sisters 

Women’s Day is a time for us to cherish women all over the world for what they have contributed. It’s is also a day for our beloved women like mothers and sisters. In the last post, we have talked about presents for mom. Therefore, this will be an article of 5 Awesome Women’s Day Presents for Sisters.

5 Awesome Women's Day Presents for Sisters 
Women’s Day Presents for Sisters 

Pop up card

The first gift idea we want to recommend you is the pop-up greeting card.

Each pop out card is a unique design. It contains intricate pieces of three-dimensioned paper arts. You can pick pop up card patterns of Rufous Hummingbirds or a beautiful Cactus Flower.

We believe that these cute paper pop up cards are absolutely excellent presents for your sibling on this occasion.

A set of Kitchen Appliances

If your sister loves cooking, there is no reason for you not to give her a set of Kitchen Appliances. This can be the best gift ever for her.

Handmade memories book

Make you and your sister’s memories last forever with this amazing memories book. She will be happy with a present made by you.

Skincare kit

Let your sister know how much you care for her by giving this. A skincare kit often includes toner, lotion, and moisturizer…

Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Organizer is exactly what you need for an ideal Women’s Day present for your sister. It is not only a protector of Jewelry but also a convenient holder for her.


5 Special Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

Do you want to have an unforgettable Day of Love with your girl? If that is what you want, we can help you. Here are 5 Special Things to Do on Valentine’s Day for you.

5 Special Things to Do on Valentine's Day
Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

Send a love pop up card

Valentine’s presents are often flowers and chocolate. However, you can use other outstanding gifts such as adorable pop-up love cards for your sweetheart.

These fantastic pop greeting cards will definitely amaze her. They are the best illustrations of flowers, animals, or other characters.

Your pop up gift can be bought at the Cut pop Up website. They also have DIY cut popup kits for you to make your own 3d card.

Make her happy with a Breakfast in Bed

You can prepare a dish of tasty cakes decorated with strawberries and some milk for Valentine’s morning. It’s time to make her love you more with an attractive breakfast in bed.

Bake some Chocolate cookies for her

Every girl loves Chocolate, even your darling. So, what are you waiting for not making some chocolate sweets for her?

Enjoy a film together.

Spending a movie night with your sweetheart is also great. What warm her heart is not the film, it is how much you want to stay with her.

Admire a spectacular sunset

Sunset or sunrise is one of the most romantic scenes in the world. Therefore, enjoying it with your lover can be a memorable experience.

key shaped silver ring

Is It True That Key Shaped Silver Ring Help You Strong & Success? Let’s Find Out!

The key is a familiar item that no one can lack in life. In jewelry, this symbol also has many meanings such as freedom, opening up, and starting a new future. Let’s find out more about what this symbol means in the ring design!


Key shaped silver ring make you stronger and more successful
Key shaped silver ring make you stronger and more successful

Key icons in different cultures

Key images appear in great numbers in epics and religions. The key is not just closure – openness, sometimes it is also the boundary between life – death or freedom – imprisonment.

Silver Key
Silver Key

In Christianity, St. Peter holds two keys: a golden key that represents the power to allow worthy persons to enter eternal life and to lock them with silver or iron keys. At this point, the key plays the role of spiritual enlightenment.

Key symbol
Key symbol

Lord Ganesh of the Hindu religion is the great elephant god, the driving force to overcome difficulties and for this reason, this deity is often associated with the key. Conventional keys can be found with a Ganesh design on them to symbolize the unlocking of a path of knowledge. Ganesh is associated with wisdom and spiritual knowledge.

Anubis is the dog of death in ancient Egyptian history. It is the one who holds the key that opens the way to the deceased after examining their souls.

In addition, in myths in Asian countries such as China and Korea also appears the key as a god of door keeping, trust, and respect.

The meaning of the key symbol in ring design in particular and jewelry in general

The image of the key in jewelry is not strange to everyone, it is one of the favorite items on fashion catwalks.

Key of life symbolized silver ring
Key of life symbolized silver ring

The key symbolizes knowledge, freedom, it will be a gift to relatives, friends or you can give it to yourself on occasions such as birthdays, graduations,…. Because this is seen as the key to a new door, a new beginning with good wishes and success.

In love, key jewelry is a delicate and meaningful gift. As if tacitly opening the door of the opponent’s heart – a gentle confession and declaration.

Key shaped silver ring
Key shaped silver ring

If you are looking for a meaningful and new gift, don’t hesitate to choose the key-shaped silver jewelry for the one you love!

See more…

Little Tricks For You To Distinguish Real Black Quartz – Read This To Know!


Top 5 Cool Father’s Day Gifts for dad

Father is the one who has been there for you in every step of your life. So, what are you waiting for not showing your dad how much you appreciate him. Check out these top 5 Cool Father’s Day Gifts for dad right away.

Top 5 Cool Father's Day Gifts for dad
Gifts for dad

Pop up card

Let start with an impressive pop-up greeting card. This will be the best gift ever for your dad. You can use it to send your heartfelt appreciation to him.

Moreover, these 3d cards are amazing works of art with fascinating simulations of various animal species or flowers.

You can even make your own hallmark greeting cards for dad simply with a Cut pop up kit. Consider some great products at

A box of tools

Give your dad a full box of useful tools such as wrenches, pliers, cutters, files, striking tools, etc. He will be surprised at how thoughtful you are.

Electric shavers

Instead of manual razors, gift your father a modern electric shaver. This will change his normal routine into a better one.

Backup charger

A Backup charger is another perfect present for your father on this holiday. It can be a great supporter of him when he goes out for a long day.

Personalized Mug

If your dad’s hobby is drinking coffee every morning, why don’t you give him a unique personalized Mug? We are sure that he will smile happily whenever he uses it.

Black quartz

Little Tricks For You To Distinguish Real Black Quartz – Read This To Know!

There are many people who believe that black is only suitable for middle-aged ladies, but nowadays, many young people choose black quartz for their jewelry. Below, the article will introduce you to black quartz as well as tricks to distinguish real black quartz.

What is black quartz stone?

Black quartz is also scientifically known as Morion, and there is no clear explanation for its name. Black quartz is almost black, thick, and when illuminated, it does not penetrate the light.

The real Black quartz bracelet
The real Black quartz bracelet

What is fake black quartz stone?

The majority of customers who find natural feng shui stones often have a low amount of knowledge, completely trust the shop owner’s advice and buy them, so they can easily become “prey” to be targeted. Hanging goat, selling dog meat is no longer a strange issue in trade, they are willing to change the surname of cheap and easy-to-find rocks, similar in color to Black Quartz for profit. These categories include:

Black Obsidian:

This stone is extremely popular because of its abundant reserves, which is easy to craft into feng-shui articles.


This type is not available in nature, this is a product of the dyeing industry so the value is not high.

Black Tourmaline:

Tourmaline is a multicolored stone, each color on the stone has a specific application for the wearer’s health. The energy from the Tourmaline stone is considered very strong, especially the Black Tourmaline has great exorcism, so it’s okay if we grab this stone instead of Black Quartz!!!

Black plastic:

It’s totally a waste of money if you accidentally buy this. It is not carved from stone, but the inside is completely cheap plastic. 

How to identify fake black quartz stone

Good black quartz is often not bright, but when using a strong flashlight that is close to the surface of the rock, there are still many lines and cloud lines inside, an interesting feature of natural stone without any rows.

While with other rocks, you can still be discernible by the following characteristics:

Black Obsidian is almost black and does not let light through. When the grinding is thin enough, though light penetrates the stone, the stone is translucent and free from cracks, sometimes with air bubbles inside. Black Obsidian is lighter in weight than Black Quartz.

The black tourmaline is also black, not penetrating bright even under strong light. However, this stone has not as high gloss as Black Quartz.

Black onyx is glossy black, often has white veins, does not penetrate light, is very tough, falls from above, and almost does not break.

Black plastic is very soft, easy to scratch, quickly absorbs heat because it made of plastic (When held for a while, the plastic will be warmer than stone), it is very light to hold compared to real Black Quartz.

When you go to the store to buy Black Quartz jewelry, you can use the Flash of any phone to test and distinguish if it is real or not. If you want to be certainly sure, you can ask the seller to inspect the stone to produce clear documents.

You can use any phone's small flashlight or Flash to distinguish real, fake Black Quartz.
You can use any phone’s small flashlight or Flash to distinguish real, fake Black Quartz.

We hope you find a suitable Black Quartz stone yourself through this article!

See more…

Do you know how to choose your jewelry according to your birthstone?


Most Stunning presents for mom on Women’s Day

Women’s Day is an occasion to recognize what women have devoted to this world. Especially, it is also the time we show our appreciation to our mother and all the things she has done for us. If you are ”drowning” in the sea of gifts for her, consider our ideas below. These are our most stunning presents for mom on Women’s Day.

Pop up card

Most Stunning presents for mom on Women's Day
Lady bug card for mother

A delicate pop out card for your mother on the Day of women is not a bad idea at all. Different from the normal cards, this card is a simulation of realistic 3d models of animals, flowers, and other fascinating figures. It will definitely impress your mother when she opens it.

On the other hand, why don’t you try to amaze your mother with your own handmade craft? All you need is a Cut Pop Up DIY kit. With detailed instructions and free tutorial videos on Cut Pop Up YouTube Channel, you can make your pop up gift effortlessly.

Gift set of spa products

Most Stunning presents for mom on Women's Day 2
Spa set for mom

Why a set of spa products is a perfect gift idea? The spa treatment always relates to health, beauty, and relaxation, right? With a wide variety of bath and body care products originated from nature, the gift set of spa products will show your mother how much you care about her.

Diffusers for Aroma Oils

Most Stunning presents for mom on Women's Day 3
A relaxing scent for mom

Diffuser for Aroma Oils is another amazing present for your mom on this holiday. As the name suggests, its main function is to diffuse fragrant oil. It will make your room full of fresh and comfortable scent.

Your mother will definitely content with this modern and convenient device.


Most Stunning presents for mom on Women's Day 4
Beautiful clothes to give mom

Women always want to be more beautiful and clothes can help them to do that. Therefore, giving some clothes as a gift for mom on Women’s Day is also a great way to please her.

Don’t forget to pick the garment product that appropriates your mother’s preference.

Women’s Day Jewelry

Most Stunning presents for mom on Women's Day 5
Luxurious accessories

Jewelry is also highly recommended to give to your mother on Women’s Day. It is not only charming but also helps any woman become more amazing and gorgeous.


Do you know how to choose your jewelry according to your birthstone?

Choosing jewelry according to birth month, especially natural gemstone, is a very popular trend in recent times. The reason is partly that gem lovers are gradually believing in the spiritual element that these stones bring. Lying deep underground for thousands of years, some rocks actually accumulate positive energies that can support destiny, fortune, and characteristics for the month of birth it represents. Through this article, we wish to bring you the most useful information to choose jewelry suitable for your birth month.



The jewel that represents the first month of the year is Garnet, a characteristic crimson red stone. Symbolizing fidelity in love and marriage, Garnet’s bloody red color represents the inseparable bond between two souls. That red also reminds the wearer of memories in love, and warm Valentine’s days together.



The semi-precious stone jewelry representing February is Amethyst. Representing the month of daydreams, Amethyst is favored by nature for her purple appearance. However, in contrast to that dreamy purple appearance, Amethyst has the effect of helping the owner to have sanity, avoid bad guys deceiving as well as betrayal and unlucky things.



Aquamarine is a name given for the month of March. Referring to Aquamarine, we can immediately think of the sea, sometimes calm, sometimes noisy, which is a characteristic of people born in March. In addition, Aquamarine is very good at increasing the sensitivity of the owner like the water can change itself to adapt to the environment, easy to promote.



Represent for April is a gemstone that everyone in life must have at least heard, seen, and admired about its enduring beauty: Diamond. Really, the will and persistent internal strength of the April people is really worth admiring, combined with the energy of diamonds will help them have more courage and strength to fulfill all ambitions.



Gemstone Emerald represents people born in May. Like a gem that can bring fortune and luck, emeralds are often very popular in business circles. Moreover, the emerald green color helps to reduce eye fatigue, making your spirit less tired after a long day of work.



June is represented by Pearls, the most precious piece of organic jewelry. With the Gemstone origin different from the other types of Gemstone of the other month, the stone representing June is circular symbolizing prosperity, fullness, supporting its owner to have good luck, work, love are all going well.



July carries the shadow of one of the four great gems formed from diamonds, which is Ruby. Also in red, but in addition to symbolizing love and marriage, Ruby has a toughness behind only diamonds, which enhances the confidence of the owner, helping the owner stay static in all situations and handle social relationships smoothly.



Symbolized by the Peridot semi-precious stone, the semi-precious stone of August has the ability to sedate its owner, helping its owner to attract more luck in life and work. Besides, it can also dispel the fear of darkness if carved hidden in gold.



Sapphire is September’s birthstone – The most colorful gem of the four great gems. In addition to the ability to help the owner get the blessings of love and social relationships, Sapphire also brings a glamorous, seductive look. Thanks to the many different colors, Sapphire can combine tone-suit-tone with many types of outfits without losing the inherent elegance and nobility.



Opal  (in some places called Cat-eye stone) is one of the semi-precious stones that symbolize innocence and hope and represents October. With a multi-color look including soft bright colors, Opal jewelry makes it difficult for the owner of this jewelry to become angry, and the mood is more soother when faced with the chaos of life. Besides, in Latin, “cat-eye stone” is written as “precious”.



For November – the month of people who stand out from the crowd easily due to their animation and humor, Citrine is the best representative semi-precious stone. Possessing a bright golden appearance like sunshine, Citrine helps owners to stay optimistic about everything, which helps them to transmit energy to everyone around them, bringing a better, fuller and happier life for themselves.



End 1 year, December took Topaz is a representative semi-precious stone. People born in December often have leadership qualities and large egos, so Topaz will help their owners increase their ability to see and understand things, promote kindness and sympathy to win the respect of everyone.


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