Double Heart Fingerprint Necklace

Double Heart Fingerprint Necklace



Their thumbprints, close to your heart. Be them of your kids or parents, hold two fingerprints on this sterling silver double heart fingerprint necklace. A stunning piece of memorial keepsake jewelry, this thumbprint necklace is made with just photos of actual thumbprints, no kit required. Perfect as memorial gift for the entire family.

Personalization Instructions:
– Fingerprint ink prints are usually taken when someone is in military or civil service, hospital, hospice care or while at a funeral home. You could look into one’s paperwork or contact these places to ask for the fingerprint image.

– The fingerprint picture you upload may be scaled and shifted minimally to best fit the piece. If you have trouble uploading your picture, please email it to [email protected]

– You could add 1 word or date on the right side of the necklace. Leave text box blank if you do not want any text.

>> How to take fingerprint


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