Homemade silver jewelry cleaner for 0,25$

Dec 22, 2020 Blog
Cleaning silver jewelry

If you are wearing silver jewelry or intend to buy silver jewelry but are concerned about the silver staining due to sweat or not used for a long time. Let us introduce you to how to make jewelry cleaner at home with things available in your family.

1. Lime juice

Lime juice
Lime juice

– Step 1: Boiling water with salt and lemon

– Step 2: Put the jewelry in the kettle and take it out when you see your jewelry is clean and shiny

– Step 3: Use velvet to polish the jewelry again.

2. Rice washing water

Rice washing water
Rice washing water

– Step 1: After washing the rice, keep a little concentrated rice washing water and we call it “the mixture”

– Step 2:  Put your jewelry into the mixture while it is boiling

– Step 3:  Leave it for 5 minutes then take it out

– Step 4: Use soap to clean jewelry again

3. Toothpaste


Toothpaste not only works to brighten and protect teeth from bacteria, but it also works in brightening jewelry. You just need to use toothpaste, smooth it over the surface of silver jewelry, leave it for a while and then wipe it off. You will see your jewelry brighter than it did at first.


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