Kid’s Drawing Disc Necklace

Kid’s Drawing Disc Necklace



Kid’s Drawing Disc Necklace For Mom

The creativity of children are endless, why don’t you transform your child’s sweet drawing into wearables for yourself with a kids’ drawing necklace? This children artwork necklace will make for a sweet gift for any mom or wife, and is a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day or Christmas as well. Keeping the neckalce close to her heart will remind her of memories when her child is a little ones and motivate her in life when she faces difficulties.

Personalization Instructions:

– Send us an image of the drawing. If you have trouble uploading your photo, please email it to [email protected]

– The pendant is engravable on either side, or both. Word limits for message on the back side: 3-4 words.

– If you want to extract just a few words from a long message, make a note to us under “Instructions and requests”.

– Handwriting in any other languages (Arabic, Chinese etc.) can also be done.

>> Necklace length guide


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