Little Tricks For You To Distinguish Real Black Quartz – Read This To Know!

Jan 5, 2021 Blog
Black quartz

There are many people who believe that black is only suitable for middle-aged ladies, but nowadays, many young people choose black quartz for their jewelry. Below, the article will introduce you to black quartz as well as tricks to distinguish real black quartz.

What is black quartz stone?

Black quartz is also scientifically known as Morion, and there is no clear explanation for its name. Black quartz is almost black, thick, and when illuminated, it does not penetrate the light.

The real Black quartz bracelet
The real Black quartz bracelet

What is fake black quartz stone?

The majority of customers who find natural feng shui stones often have a low amount of knowledge, completely trust the shop owner’s advice and buy them, so they can easily become “prey” to be targeted. Hanging goat, selling dog meat is no longer a strange issue in trade, they are willing to change the surname of cheap and easy-to-find rocks, similar in color to Black Quartz for profit. These categories include:

Black Obsidian:

This stone is extremely popular because of its abundant reserves, which is easy to craft into feng-shui articles.


This type is not available in nature, this is a product of the dyeing industry so the value is not high.

Black Tourmaline:

Tourmaline is a multicolored stone, each color on the stone has a specific application for the wearer’s health. The energy from the Tourmaline stone is considered very strong, especially the Black Tourmaline has great exorcism, so it’s okay if we grab this stone instead of Black Quartz!!!

Black plastic:

It’s totally a waste of money if you accidentally buy this. It is not carved from stone, but the inside is completely cheap plastic. 

How to identify fake black quartz stone

Good black quartz is often not bright, but when using a strong flashlight that is close to the surface of the rock, there are still many lines and cloud lines inside, an interesting feature of natural stone without any rows.

While with other rocks, you can still be discernible by the following characteristics:

Black Obsidian is almost black and does not let light through. When the grinding is thin enough, though light penetrates the stone, the stone is translucent and free from cracks, sometimes with air bubbles inside. Black Obsidian is lighter in weight than Black Quartz.

The black tourmaline is also black, not penetrating bright even under strong light. However, this stone has not as high gloss as Black Quartz.

Black onyx is glossy black, often has white veins, does not penetrate light, is very tough, falls from above, and almost does not break.

Black plastic is very soft, easy to scratch, quickly absorbs heat because it made of plastic (When held for a while, the plastic will be warmer than stone), it is very light to hold compared to real Black Quartz.

When you go to the store to buy Black Quartz jewelry, you can use the Flash of any phone to test and distinguish if it is real or not. If you want to be certainly sure, you can ask the seller to inspect the stone to produce clear documents.

You can use any phone's small flashlight or Flash to distinguish real, fake Black Quartz.
You can use any phone’s small flashlight or Flash to distinguish real, fake Black Quartz.

We hope you find a suitable Black Quartz stone yourself through this article!

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