Table of conversion of shoe sizes and how to choose sizes of Nike and adidas

Jan 26, 2021 Blog
bảng-quy-đổi-size-giày-và-cách-chọn-size-của-nike-và-adidas (1)
bảng-quy-đổi-size-giày-và-cách-chọn-size-của-nike-và-adidas (1)

If you are a fan of shoes, the collection of shoes from famous shoe brands in the world such as Nike, Adidas, Vans, Converse, Banlenciaga, … must always be a desire and goal to achieve. Or simply if you are a sports enthusiast, owning a quality sports shoes becomes more important than ever, typically mentioning the two cult brands Nike and Adidas.

nike-vs-adidas-0 (1)
nike-vs-adidas-0 (1)

Each shoe company has its own standards, to choose the right size from the two brands above, you need to learn carefully how to choose the shoe size as well as the Nike and Adidas size conversion table.

How to choose shoe size at home

Step 1: Measure the length from the heels to the thumbs as shown below, to be precise, you can put your foot on a piece of paper and draw 2 lines and then take the measure of the distance 2 lines.


Step 2: Use the formula: Size (the CM part in the size table) = the foot length just measured (it is not necessary to measure the width, please wear a size larger than 1 size if you feel the width of the leg is uncomfortable).

Step 3: Compare the results with the size table of the shoe manufacturers, each row of shoes will have a different standard size.

Nike Shoe Size Table


Note: This is the standard table for changing Nike shoe sizes for all Nike product lines such as Nike Air Max, Nike Air Force, Nike Air Jordan, Nike Pegasus, Nike React, …

Adidas Shoe Size Table

Some notes to get the standard shoe size:

It is best to measure your shoe size at the end of the day as your feet are completely relaxed at this point

You should measure both feet, if there is an error between your feet then choose shoes that are the same size as your larger feet.

If your feet are thin and the width is small, narrow and thin, choose the shoe size according to the instructions above.

If your feet are fat, thick and wide, choose the size according to the instructions above plus 1 size. Example: you are female: the length of the legs measured is size 36, but the legs are wide, fat and round, then choose size 37.

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