Top 5 Things You Should Do While Under Quarantine

Jan 15, 2021 Blog

We have to stay at home because of the impact of Coronavirus and social distancing. To get out of the boredom at home, don’t hesitate to check out the top 5 things you should do while under quarantine below.

Top 5 Things You Should Do While Under Quarantine
Things You Should Do While Under Quarantine

Create a pop art card

If the tutorial on YouTube can’t help you make amazing hallmark greeting cards, a DIY card kit of CutpopUp can.

This is a package comprising materials of a lovely popup card template, an envelope, a small plastic bag, a paper note. It has detailed instructions for you to make your card, too.

We believe that your handmade pop-up greeting card will absolutely warm the receiver’s heart in this difficult period.

Sign up for a language course

Taking this chance to learn a new language with an online course is not a bad idea at all. It is not only cheaper but also more convenient for you.

Join an online group or club

Do you have a specific hobby? Why don’t you take part in an online group or club to have more friends who have the same interests as you?

Renovate your house

Does your old house need to be upgraded? Now it time to do it. You can start with wallpapers and old electrical appliances.


You should care about your mind, too. Some meditation lessons can bring inner peace and calm your soul.