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Ultra Boost has entered the 6th generation – version 20. And it is undeniable that, through the versions, this sneaker model is even more complete in design, style and brings great experiences to people. use.

If you are a fashionista looking for the ultimate running shoe, then the Adidas Ultra Boost 20 will be the perfect product you are looking for. Join TuloShop to find out all information about this “masterpiece sports shoe” in the article below.


Ultra Boost 20: The perfect combination of Adidas and the International Space Station

Rarely does a pair of running shoes have a unique combination like the Ultra Boost 20. The Big Adidas sent the product to the ISS National Laboratory for testing. The purpose of this is to examine the microgravity of Boost technology and find more potential of this sneaker model.

A drastic improvement of the Adidas Ultra Boost 20 sneaker

As mentioned above, Ultra Boost 20 is the latest version and has a strong improvement thanks to the investment in technology in every detail of the shoe. Specifically:

The ability to return energy is almost absolute

Boost technology is famous for its ability to refund energy, helping users feel less tired when jogging, moving, walking a lot, … during the day.

  • If with conventional sneaker models, users can not feel any support, then with Ultra Boost is different. You will feel a thrusting force in the soles of your feet, supporting the movement, thereby saving more energy.
  • Almost every version of Ultra Boost can do this, but by version 20 it is “upgraded” more than anything. The more force applied to the shoe, the more energy will be returned. It’s so awesome right?

That means, you will not feel tired when using this sneaker line to move.


Primeknit fabric is breathable, providing maximum comfort

Primeknit fabric is used by the Big Brother Adidas for most of his “brainchildren”. Its advantage is to provide ventilation, helping users to feel comfortable.

Undeniably, one of the biggest downsides when using sneakers is the mystery. Especially on a hot summer day, using shoes for a few hours will feel slimy, wet feet, even cause unpleasant odors. Make users lose confidence when standing in a crowded place, communicating with others.

However, the difference in Ultra Boost 20 compared to many previous products of Adidas is the application of TP – Tailored Fiber Location technology. The precisely knit fabrics come from millimeters, which not only guarantees airy ventilation, but also provides an optimal fit. Gently cuddles the soles of the feet, but doesn’t cause cramping or discomfort.



The heel adds extra cushioning – Great support in changing directions

One of the impressive changes in the Adidas Ultra Boost 20 can not be ignored is the padding and heel lining. They serve as maximum support when changing direction.

  • The 3D heel frame helps to hold your feet when touching the ground. Users will feel the stability of the product when using it.
  • The continental rubber coating is also enhanced with stretchweb technology, not only increasing the seamlessness and texture of the shoe but also increasing stability. Besides, the pairing of each component on the shoe is inspired by the spacecraft assembly process.
  • The appearance of Ultra Boost 20 has also changed. The most obvious is on the sneaker’s rooster, where there is a piece of badges acknowledging Adidas’s partnership with the US National Laboratory

As can be seen, most of the changes of Ultra Boost 20 are geared towards the user experience. Feel for yourself by buying this item on your shoe locker right away and always.

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